Potential Dropship Disasters, How Shipping Can Sink Dealers

Potential Dropship Disasters, How Shipping Can Sink Dealers

Heres an important fact about dropshipping: how effective you are with the actual shipping process can often determine success.

You can not ship freight exclusively to stock suppliers. You must be very familiar with all stages of shipping if you need to take over some tasks yourself.

How important is shipping to Dropship sellers and dealers?

Shipping is probably the most important component of a successful dropship or reseller company next to the quality of the item itself.

When there are problems with shipping, customers will be disputed and dissatisfied with the service they have received.

Common delivery issues

The problems that may arise with shipping are varied. While most problems are rare and avoidable, they are common to bake their head:

Delays are lost.

Delays are late.

Items returned due to incorrect postage.

Seizure and refusal of goods in customs.

Unforeseen costs in connection with import duties.

Import-related issues

Import duties deserve their own special mention because they can increase the cost of the product.

In addition, customs inspections of products for import duties may delay delivery.

Both of these aspects can damage a dropship company if the customer is not aware of any import charges.

A company may also be injured if the dropshipper does not adjust its price accordingly.

The issue of shipping and how to make it work for you and not against you

One of the most common mistakes makes dropship sellers that they do not pay particular attention to shipping costs.

This is a big mistake because shipping costs play an important role in profitability and maintain proper customer service.

Incorrect loading too little for shipping can cut in profit.

Overload for shipping can cause customers to feel cheated.

None of these components can help the companys long-term success. So, getting a proper handle on shipping costs is really recommended for all serious dropshipping companies.

The effect of long shipping times and waiting can really damage the sellers reputation.

While not always a fair or accurate assessment, long waiting leads the buyer doubt that the product has actually been shipped. This can lead to the belief that the seller may be a rip off. The buyer may assume that the seller is flippy, uninterested, unorganized, unstable or inadequate.

Does any of these monks sound like something that would help the sellers reputation? Hardly! That is why a good reputation with shipping is important for the success of a company.

The cost of shipping and fees and how to get profitable while maintaining a good reputation

There are many negatives that can derive from the customer having unexpected tasks.

Therefore, it is so much necessary that the seller take the necessary steps to prevent such a problem from occurring.

In fact, all that occurs that throws your business into a negative light must be addressed and avoided.

It throws your company in poor light from customer service and organizational perspective. As such, it is a must to avoid something negative.

The answer to this may vary depending on the goods you sell and the customers willingness to pay for high shipping.

In general, high shipping costs may reduce your profits if you are forced to incur any of the costs. In many cases, you must incur certain costs associated with shipping

Way to handle the problems


The best way to combat issues related to customs, taxes, and excess shipping would be to make you aware of them and learn the usual ways to handle them.

This may increase prices or increase costs to address the problem. Or, it may mean that you use a reliable freight calculator to provide you with all the necessary details about how to effectively specify your costs.

Use a courier account.

It can open your ability to manage companies (courier companies) that only work with those who have special accounts.

In many cases you open such accounts with quality companies that are known for their strong reputation within the field.

Use disclaimer.

Some may scoff at the idea of ​​giving a disclaimer, but a disclaimer serves an important purpose.

In essence, it warns the customer of a potential problem in advance.

As a result, if such a problem arises, it will not be as crushed to the customer as reducing the opportunities for heated complaints, bad reviews and a reduction of their reputation.

Steps to take now

Familiarize yourself with all duties, taxes, shipping costs, so you know what they are and what they will cost. Then you can take the right steps on how to handle them.

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