Top 3 Smart Features of Microsoft SharePoint 2016

Top 3 Smart Features of Microsoft SharePoint 2016 – Microsoft SharePoint manage the reports, documents, archives and many other content for the company as it is a document management platform. The product also helps you to collaborate without any difficulties within the companies. This platform is password protected which helps you to share as well as store the data or documents. Here in this article we are going to discuss the top 3 Smart Features of Microsoft SharePoint 2016.

Top 3 Smart Features of Microsoft SharePoint 2016

Top 3 Smart Features of Microsoft SharePoint 2016

Top 3 Smart Features of Microsoft SharePoint 2016 –


Search or SharePoint search is one of the topmost smart features of the SharePoint. If you use the SharePoint search then you can enter the search query which is not indexed in the SharePoint server farm. Also, you can take a quick look of the current site as well as any subsites in the list. You can find the search query box on the top right corner of the screen.

SharePoint Lists:

Lists are commonly used to manage the information in the Microsoft SharePoint. The lists are similar to the spreadsheets with the rows and columns available for the SharePoint. You can create, update, share and manage the lists.

SharePoint Libraries:

You can also use the Libraries to manage the information in the SharePoint like Lists. Every team member can create, update, review and manage the files without any trouble.

Other Smart Features Included In SharePoint 2016 –

Hybrid SharePoint:

Hybrid technology makes the installation of the product is automatic and very simple. You version of the SharePoint will be up and running in a very less time if it includes Hybrid technology. Also, it offers you the app launcher feature which allows you access OneDrive and many other apps similar to it.

Encrypted Connections:

Encrypted Connection features helps you to protect your data while transferring between two applications. The SharePoint uses the TLS 1.2 connection while transferring the data to provide the privacy.

Here we have mentioned the Smart Features of Microsoft SharePoint 2016. In case you need further details or information related to Microsoft SharePoint then you may contact Office SUpport. Also, you may connect with the support team using the link online.

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